MUSICA / Bombs from
South America and The Caribbean.

ETELVINA MALDONADO Singing from her own home

From her own kitchen…. Etelvina was one of the traditional cantadoras (female singers) from the Colombian Caribbean. She offers aguapanela to the filming crew at the end of the song. Enjoy!

DIOMEDES DIAZ Live, Parranda, ron y mujeres

If Iggy Pop and Keith Richards were to give birth to a latin son his name would be DIOMEDES DIAZ. And he would teach his parents a thing or two about being a full-on rock star. This video shows a PARRANDA… which could be explained as a 5 day party that makes Rainbow Serpent feel like a trip to Coles with your granny.

THE LATIN BROTHERS, Las caleƱas son como las flores

Piper Pimienta singing this classic salsa bomb. Fuerte!

Background pics: Colombia by B+