July 2013

Woo Food

July 29, 2013 – I’ve never been able to walk past this Latin café without a sense of FOMO. Its brightly decorated walls always seem to beckon “Come party!”.

Occupie fitzroy

July 14, 2013 – Sonido! was probably the most pleasant surprise I’ve encountered all week. Not because I suspected it to be bad, but because I tend to find myself in a cafe-routine (rut) thus assume every other place must be rubbish.

May 2013

Where Food is

May 21, 2013 – South American Backpacking Trip Anyone? …So after weeks of online research I finally walked by Sonido on Gertrude Street

March 2013

Broadsheet: A breakfast safari

March 13, 2013 – A colourful, kitsch, Cuban-inspired space, Sonido on Gertrude Street is worth visiting simply for the relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and self-described ‘killer tunes’ (which comprise Latin jazz, funk and soul beats, just in case you’re wondering). The exciting breakfast offering of Ropa Vieja con Arepa (old clothes beef) is just an added bonus.

December 2012

Mel: Hot or not

December 19, 2012 – Sonido is one of the friendliest, happiest cafes I’ve encountered in Fitzroy.

October 2012

Let me feed you Melbourne

October 6, 2012 – I recently went out for a lunch date with A to Sonido, the bright and cheery Columbian cafe on Gertrude Street. It was drizzling with rain when we arrived, and Sonido provided a happy refuge from the weather.

July 2012

ilbonito blog 2007 – my melbourne: Sonido

July 19, 2012 – Melbourne has so many great cafes, with more springing up all the time. Everyone has their favourites, and it would be almost impossible to visit them all. My favourite is Sonido, a Colombian cafe on Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street selling arrepas con huevo and traditional Andean hot chocolate as well as the juices of unusual Amazon fruits (like the ‘mora’ and the ‘lulo’ ) in an atmosphere best descibed as homey-tropical-kitsch.


July 9, 2012 – Walking into Sonido feels a bit like you’ve walked into a retro diner: the cafe is bustling with colourful, kitsch decor and mismatched furniture, and vinyl-spun Latin tunes are playing. After ordering a coffee it’s easy to get distracted by this cafe’s cheerful, bright blue walls – decorated with jumble sale charms – and bookshelves lined with old books, magazines and records.

June 2012

cup cakes and mace – Melbourne Eats

June 12, 2012 – There are a few reasons why someone like me goes to Melbourne.
Food, vintage shopping. Yeah, food and vintage shopping. I’ve been to Melbourne once before. I was a little less cultured then, and while I remember eating great food I didn’t care about it like I do now.

the age – Five of a kind: Under $12

June 9, 2012 – WHEN Santiago Villamizar and Carolina Talero opened Sonido in 2010, they wanted a low-key place just like back home in Bogota. They’d dish up classic South American street snacks, spin some tunes and drink coffee with their mates and a few customers.

April 2012

tea stained afternoons

April 25, 2012 – May I introduce you to possibly THE funkiest cafe I have ever had the pleasure of slurping in!! It’s in Fitzroy & it’s called Sonido! There was a waiting list just to sit & have a coffee!!

February 2012

FoodsCrazy: Sonido, Fitzroy

Feb 29, 2012 – After enjoying our visit to Caffettino – Fitzroy Brendan and I returned to Gertrude Street for lunch at Sonido a south american restaurant which had plenty of good reviews. From the outside it was pretty anonymous with a small sign and a few random seating options outside.

Sonido! Coffee Review from storybottle

Feb 20, 2012 – You know it straight away by this massive blue door- which I’m in love with. It’s a completely decked out South American style café, walls loaded with nick nacks, a stack of records constantly playing.

Laws of the Kitchen

Feb 06, 2012 – On Sunday, my friend E and I went to Sonido! South American Cafe in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Sonido serves South American cuisine, with mains of arepas (corn cakes) or empanadas in various flavours.

January 2012

dear melbourne,

Jan 20, 2012 – This sun-filled Columbian cafe quite possibly has the coolest retro fit-out this side of the Pacific. Add delicious South American staples (empanadas, arepas, jugos naturales..), great coffee, a bit of bossa nova and a barista who looks like Che and you could almost be in Bogota.

time out melbourne

Jan 16, 2012 – Nothing says power breakfast like a Colombian hot pocket. Arepas are disks of corn dough, grilled and stuffed with the likes of fresh white cheese and a pat of butter (arepa de queso), or topped with super-soft stewed beef and guacamole.

November 2011

The Melbourne Review

Nov 12, 2011 – Gertrude Street is the kind of place where you could spend half a day meandering from Smith almost up to Nicholson, grazing cafes and record shops, homewares and who knows what. At the most westerly point of the sprawl is the truly delightful Sonido.

Grab Your Fork

Nov 4, 2011 – It was the lure of hot chocolate and cheese that brought us to Sonido. Hot chocolate and cheese? Say it isn’t so!

October 2011

We Dare Food

Oct 12, 2011 – For the past months, I’ve been stalking WIAW posts of other foodies out there. So today, I thought why not?


Oct 1, 2011 – Went to Sonido! for lunch the other day. Had arepas, empanadas and hot chocolate (ci had it with cheese, the colombian way). I don’t really eat South American food much but I reckon it was really good.

September 2011

AI: Artificial Imagination

Sept 23, 2011 – A quick review of an interesting cafe we tried last weekend. A short stroll down Gertrude St in Fitzroy lead us to this cute little cafe called Sonido! that serves South American food, or more accurately Colombian food.

Miss Adriennely

Sept 5, 2011 – Time for some Columbian food! This was my first time trying Latin American style food so I was pretty excited to see how Sonido! does it and was pretty thrilled to find out from my Columbian…

July 2011


July 4, 2011 – As has been pointed out many times by many people, there is a dearth of good South and Central American style places to eat around Melbourne. It’s a bit of a shame really, as after watching a number of travel and cooking shows on TV the street food in particular looks really good and tasty. One of the few places with an authentic kind of feel, at least to this gringo, is Sonido on Gertrude Street.

May 2011


May 29, 2011 – Well, my final Offspring blog. And what a lovely way to wrap up my current tv obsession (from a blog point of view – will still be tuning in on Monday). Sonido on Gertrude St is a small Colombian Cafe only open until four and thus a late addition to my blogging post.

juganaut’s foodie thoughts

May 1, 2011 – Cin and I were on the prowl; scoping the Fitzroy area for a suitable pub for her 30th. And, when prowling, hunger is bound to strike. Las Vegan is on my list of places to try but Cin commandeered the lunch mission and we ended up at Sonido on Gertrude Street. Excellent.

April 2011

Bear Head Soup

April 17, 2011 – Sonido is a South American breakfast and lunch place that opened in Gertrude Street Fitzroy last year. I went once, closed on Mondays, I went again, they only take cash not cards. Finally got there, actually I have been twice now. It is a cosy homey place, with great South American music playing and easygoing gentle service. The food, according to the menu is typical of Colombia and Venezuela.


April 4, 2011 – Sonido means “sound” in Spanish – travelling through Colombia about 4 years ago, one of my distinct memories was the sound of blaring Vallenato music coming out of tiny grocery shops at all hours of the day in Taganga, a small coastal fishing village, in the north of the country. Colombia is one of the great travelling destinations in the world. It has beautiful beaches on the Caribbean north coast, bohemian city university life in the capital Bogota and incredible partying in the city of eternal spring Medellin.

March 2011

Double Dutch Oven

March 20, 2011 – Its 2pm on Saturday afternoon! It’s sunny. And we are starving!! After 2 consecutive unfortunate events happening in the space of 2 hours (yes. One involved food… or lack there of. The other being an appointment cancellation.) It seems the Higher Powers had decided, ”(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was officially the soundtrack of my day!

Red Robyn Guide to All Things Awesome

March 1, 2011 – A new food craze is sweeping through Melbourne, and I’m excited! Ok, so by ‘through Melbourne’ I actually mean ‘in Fitzroy,’ but I’m still excited. What is it, you ask? Arepas! South American cornbread. Completely gluten-free, and mostly dairy free too! These dense little pockets are amazingly filling and delicious.

December 2010

random:~$ thoughts

Dec 07, 2010 – We had lunch on Saturday at Sonido!, a new-ish cafe @ 69 Gertrude Street Fitzroy. Sonido! focuses on excellent single-origin South American coffee, and an interesting selection of arepas (small, flat corn cakes about half a centimetre thick, served with meat or cheeses or eggs or vegetables of various familiarly South American styles) and empanadas with beef or spinach.

November 2010

Fashion Rebel

Nov 26, 2010 – Sick of the pizza, panini and baguette craze? Well, you’re in luck. It’s time to refresh your pallet and make room for another South American staple, the Arepa. Slowly but surely, the authentic flavours of Colombian cuisine are making their way into Melbourne cafe’s. Sonido invites lovers of great coffee and exotic delights to dine in their bright, colourful & festive world.

Melbourne Gastronome

Nov 19, 2010 – About a month ago I was happily meandering along Gertrude Street in the sunshine, having just bought some Día de los Muertos knick-knacks at the wonderful Amor y Locura. When I realised the cafe I was walking past was Sonido, I decided to continue my day’s Latin American theme and pop in for an arepa.

October 2010


Oct 4, 2010 – Colombian coffee haunt adds to the city’s cosmopolitan vibe.
WHEN design students Santiago Villamizar and Carolina Talero arrived in Australia from Colombia four years ago, they fell in love with Melbourne’s cafe culture.

September 2010

Agenda Melbourne

Sept 2, 2010 – We’ve been talking about The Workers Club end of Gertrude Street for some time now – old favourites like Radio, fancy friends like Cutler & Co. and the cool young things at Saint Cloud are now joined by Sonido, an equally fantastic new-comer.

August 2010

…it pleases us

Aug 26, 2010 – On my morning walk to work I have been watching with interest the development of a new cafe on Gertrude St. Thanks to Where’s the beef (those organised food-hounds), I found out that Sonido was finally open and organised breakfast there post-haste!


Aug 25, 2010 – Although I was lucky to be the first to review the new Cruzao Arepa Bar on Brunswick St, I was not quick enough to do the same at the similar Sonido on Gertrude St. Respect to Where’s the beef for publishing the first review, followed by Vetti live in Northcote, Fat belly club and Crafty llama. I don’t know why two South American cafes serving arepas have opened in Fitzroy at the same time, but I appreciate it as both are great. I stopped in to Sonido for brunch last Saturday and love the eclectic interior.

Crafty Llama

Aug 19, 2010 – I had been on the look out for places to eat and drink while we were in Melbourne when I came across this blog post by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes. Turns out, this sweet little cafe is just around the corner from her store, so it worked in well with our shopping plans. The first day we just dropped by for a coffee, and the second day we stayed and had the most delicious lunch. Highly recommended if you’re in the Fitzroy area.

Fat belly club

Aug 12, 2010 – For me there are two types of great dining experiences. The first is where you go somewhere expecting great things and it achieves or exceeds your expectations. The second is when you go somewhere with no expectation, often for the sake of just having something to eat, but are completely blown away by the experience. Sonido, located in Melbourne’s funky but grungy suburb of Fitzroy, was one such place.

vetti: live in northcote

Aug 5, 2010 – Today I breakfasted at Sonido. Where’s the Beef reviewed this fine cafe recently, and I’ve been wanting to swing by ever since. My verdict? The perfect place to half-close your eyes, dig the vibes, and pretend it’s sunny and 30 degrees outside (Yes, I’m missing the FNQ weather terribly)…

July 2010

where’s the beef

July 27, 2010 – For years I’ve watched enviously while local bloggers with their fingers on the pulse rush out timely reviews of newly opened eateries, earning themselves kudos and links as far as the eye can see. So when I noticed a new cafe taking shape right near my work I started taking the camera to work with me every day so I could pounce and join this band of organised and well-connected food-hounds.